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Book a court for tennis school

When you book a court for Tennis-school you can use either Admin-HTK or Tenniskurs-HTK. I do not know the difference, probably it would only be useful for statistics, to see how many courts these users book… then we should use Tenniskurs for courses and Admin for special events when we offer the courts for free like in Open day, Chirstmas-festival or club tournament.

This video shows a simple booking. It is possible to book several timeslots at the same time (next video) and you can also make bookings happen every week)

Book several timeslots at onve, and see info of a booking

This video shows how to mark several timeslots and make 1 booking for many hours. You can also remove a booking and choose to send money back and eventually write a message.
You can also see how has made a booking. And if a memeber has a court, you can easily access their contact info in case you need to talk to them.